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Birthday Gifts: Ideas for a ONE year old

March 22, 2020

I’m a mom of two and let me tell you, I’ve had every toddler/baby toy imaginable. Some are hit and miss, others are a instant loss or never gonna happen deal. I’ve trial and error-ed my way through and have found some if the best purchases you could make for your little one!

Most of these are suitable for children mist ages and can easily be used by a infant, toddler, and young child. My son and daughter share everything. (Maybe not happily but they play with the same toys)

1. Lovevery – The ultimate subscription for your little’s and the best single purchases you can make!
Play-kit – Available only on the Lovevery website.
Worth every penny and the toys are long lasting. Both children love and play with every single toy we’ve received in our play-kits.
Organic Cotton Play Tunnel – Available on Lovevery and Amazon
The best hide and seek you’ll ever play. Plus it keeps the kids entertained for hours and stores amazingly easy.
The Block Set – Available on Lovevery and Amazon
This block set comes with everything! I needed my kids to have this and they absolutely love it. I just might get a second one because they are always snagging it from each-other and its such a good value for the price.

2. Panda Crate by Kiwico
(My son recieves a Koala Crate for himself)
• The Panda Crate is a bi-monthly subscription for $39.90 billed. Each box comes with 2 months worth of activities and play time fun!

3. Play Kitchen – There a hundreds of play kitchens out there. The Magnolia one we purchased is no longer availble so I will link our next top choices.
KidKraft Farmhouse Play Kitchen
KidKraft Farm To Table Play Kitchen
KidKraft Chefs Create N Play Island Kitchen 

4. Ball pit – Buy an inflatable pool (ours is from target) and order balls. Seriously the best investment we ever made.
Balls are from Amazon

5. Wooden Activity Cube – Available on Amazon and Target

6. Cassaro Kids – Available on Cassaro Kids, Amazon, and Etsy
Pickler and Slide
Balance Rocker

7. Fire Tablet – Both my children have their own fire tablet. While some might think is unnecessary for young children to have access to a tablet we do not. We have educational games and shows on them, limit hours of use, use the parental locks and restrictions. Emma mostly uses her for car trips and it helps so much!

8. Table and Chairs – Our table is used every single day and has held up to myself and my husband both sitting on it with the kids.

9. Personal Chair – I’m going to save myself some time and not link every possible option for this! *insert sarcastic laugh here*
So here are a few brands you can look at: Delta Children, Marshmallow Furniture, Pillow Fort @ Target, Keet, and Animal Adventure.

10. Doll House – We’re big fans of the Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia at Target so of course that is the brand we went with to match our other playroom gear

11. Kinderfeets Pram – Seriously, within minutes of un-boxing this my daughter fall in love and was instantly walking around with it! it works as a great walker and of course its adorable to push around dolls and toys. I cannot link this at the moment due to low inventory but you can find it on Amazon and

12. Art SuppliesShop Here! Although ill put a short list here just in case you can’t make it through the link!
•Honeysticks Crayons – You can buy the Crayons by themselves or in a bundle with a “My first Sketchbook”
Crayons by themselves
Crayon and book Bundle
•Melissa and Doug drawing pads – You can find them in different sizes and quantity packs
•Crayola no mess – For a one year old I recommend keeping is simple with this product because they have a huge line for all ages. Here is the item we use in it’s different options,
If you have other kids check out this link for the other products!
•Bumkins Art Bibs
•Baby paint

So that about sums up our all time favorite gifts. Don’t get me wrong we’ve received and given so many! These are just what’s been loved and used the most! My kids can be tough toy critics and all of these have been a hit.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found a few fun gift ideas for the little one in your life!

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  1. I could not agree more!!! We have a ball pit, kitchen and some Cassatt kids and they are 100% worth every single penny. I’ll have to check out the other options

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