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Stay-at-home flashcards!

March 31, 2020

The ultimate flashcards you can turn into so many fun learning games!

I’ve come together with some bloggers to bring you a couple stay-at-home activities to keep you and your family entertained! You can find the links to the other posts at the bottom of this post!

These were created by me and will be used regularly for my kids! The PDF files can be found in this post and best of all they are FREE! No fees or subscription to my blog required. Just something you might enjoy and if you do I hope you’ll share your pictures with me.

What are they for?

Heck you can even draw or color them and turn them into patterns.
Print your ABC sheets here
Print your Number and Counting sheets here

You can match a number to each circle cards

You can match the circle cards to each other and the same for the ABCs and duplicate numbers.

You can play a memory game with any of these cards.

You can even have cutouts to match each card!

How to make them? It’s really simple!

Print and Cut. Laminating is 100% optional. On this particular set I did not since we have a few completed ones already.

I use my Cricut Ruler and Slicer to get my cards cut fast and easy. I’ll be using my Cricut machines to create some fun crafts to go with these cards in just a few days so stay tuned!

My advice to get the most use out of these cards would be to print them on heavy cardstock and laminate them.

Items I used:

Laminator + Sheets
Numbers and Counting PDF
Cricut Cutter

Thank you so much for reading! If you decide to try these out share your experience with me. I can’t wait to see them!

If you’d like to read the other participating blogs for this DIY train you can find them here:

Brianna made a fun Sensory Bin!

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Danielle repurposed egg cartons make a fun bouquet!

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Doris repurposed a box to entertain her children for hours!

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Noemi created a quick and cost friendly craft.

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  1. This is really a great idea! My daughter is into matching things right now and I’m tired of the current cards we have. Thank you for this!

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