DIY Spring Craft

April 14, 2020

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve got another fun diy train for you! My friends and I have come up with some spring crafts to share with you and we hope you’ll try them out!

This weeks craft is a cute spring sign to hang above my desk. I did make this with my Cricut Maker but if you swap materials you could do it with your Explore Air 2!

What you’ll need:

Cricut Maker
Inkjet printer
Printable Vinyl
Heavy Chipboard
Cricut Fine Point Pen
Strong Grip Mat
Standard Grip Mat
Masking Tape
Hot Glue + Gun

How to:


1. Open your design – Click Here
2. Turn on your machine, make sure your fine point blade and pen are inserted properly.
3. Load your printable vinyl into your printer and send your file to print
4. Place your vinyl image side up on your standard grip mat.
5. Select your material – Printable Vinyl
6. Load your machine and begin your to cut and draw.
7. Unload and remove your vinyl.

Chipboard: (or backing material of your choice)

1. Place your chipboard on your strong grip mat.
2. Tape all four sides down using your masking tape.
3. Load and select materials.
4. Cut. Pause about half way through to check the progress to ensure you don’t accidentally cut you mat.
5. Once finished, unload and remove your cut out.


1. Remove your vinyl from the sheet and align it with your cutout.
2. Press firmly and smooth it out.
3. Turn over and glue your twine to the back for hanging.
4. Let dry and the hang.

Thank you all so much for reading! I can’t wait for you to see the other participating crafts!

Head over to these pages to check them out and don’t forget to share your attempts with us!

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Hope you enjoyed reading their posts ad much as I did! Shares your crafts with us or any crafts you’d like us to try out.

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  1. This is so neat, I’ll have to invest in a cricut machine for sure. I love diy crafts and this first on my list!!!! Love it❤

  2. Love this! It’s such a cute decor idea & the colors go with so many things. Love the walk through of how to make it as well!

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