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April 28, 2020

Something quick and simple to make your home a bit more cozy! I crafted something up in a few minutes while my kids napped and I accomplished some other home tasks.Some of my friends joined me in this topic and you can see their posts by clicking the links at the bottom of this blog!

“Make Lemonade” Sign

I made my sign with my Cricut Maker. I designed the pattern the night before I made it and the next day just spend a couple minutes at my desk to bring the whole project together.

What you will need:

Cricut Maker

Design File

Strong Grip Mat


Masking Tape

Knife Blade

Black Fine Point Pen

Hot Glue Gun + Stick


How to:

1. Turn on your machine and open your cut file – click here

2. Place your basswood of your mat

3. Tape all four sides to the mat

4. Insert knife blade and pen

5. Move all your stat wheels on your machine to the right.

6. Select Basswood for your material and load your machine

7. Draw and cut.

8. Unload and remove your design

9. Cut your twine and glue it to the back to hang.

10. *Optional* shade part of the lemons with yellow markers.

Now you’ve completed you lemonade sign! It’s super quick and easy. I’ll hang mine in my kitchen and feature it in my pictures when needed!

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found some diy inspiration! We welcome recommendations if you have any!

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