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Father’s Day Gift Guide!

June 11, 2020

I’ve made a quick guide with all the purchases I’ve made for my husband that he’s loved!

I’m terrible at saving gifts till the actual day so of course he’s already figured it what his father’s day gift are and v he’s thrilled with all of them.

I’ll start from the top left and work my through each item!

1. Watch box – (the more cost friendly option)

I bought this one for my husband a while back and he loved it. Since then his watch collection had nearly tripled so it was time to add a new one. The new one is the more expensive but he would have been more than happy to receive this one again

2. Sunglasses

These sunglasses are from MVMT. Sleek, durable, and well made. My husband and I actually have the exact same pair.

I do have a code for them you can use! ➡️ Kaysdailyinsight15

3. Beer Glass Gift Set

This one is a new favorite. We’ve recently started adding to our bar collection. It’s a new hobby of ours so this was a perfect addition. The case it comes in is beautiful, I never want to take then out!

4. Watch box – (the luxury option)

As mentioned above this is my husband’s second watch box. He needed something for his growing collection and I loved the style of this one. I predict needing another one by Christmas and I’ll likely purchase this one again.

5. Watch

My husband clearly collects watches but this time around he specifically mentioned wanting one with gold. MVMT is the brand of my husband favorite watch so it was the first place I searched.

I do have a code for them you can use! ➡️ Kaysdailyinsight15

6. Bar tool set

A perfect addition to our bar. It has everything you’ll need and then packs up nice and easy for storage!

7. Wallet

Seriously, I need things to look pretty and my husband’s old wallet was so beat up that I couldn’t help myself in buying him a new one.

8. Saxx Underwear

This quickly became my husbands favorite after he recieved some for Christmas. In the words of my husband they’re the most comfortable underwear he’s ever owned.

9. Dress Shoes

Perfect for a professional outfit or work attire. The run a bit large.

10. Casual Shoes

Man is he picky when it comes to shoes. They have to have the right look and the perfect comfort. I’ve honestly only bought him a couple pairs in the last 4.5 years.

11. Stainless steel pan

Rob loves cooking. I mean he could live in the kitchen if he didn’t have to go to work. He’d been wanting a stainless steel pan for a while now and was happy when I finally bought him one.

12. Manscaped

The last two items in my gift guide are from manscaped. Something practical and extremely useful.

Their website does have an awesome gift set I recommend! Which is what we recieved! They also have some great add on items like travel bars, nail care sets, and some additional grooming products.

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And there you have it! A quick gift guide to help you find the perfect gift!

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found at least one gift idea from gift guide.

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