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Scavenger Hunt – DIY outdoor activities

June 19, 2020

Ever head out on a walk or to a local attraction and want to make the most out of your visit? Not just enjoy the scenery.

Some friends and I are sharing some some fun diy activities! I’ll link their blogs at the bottom so you can head over to read them when you finish here!

I decided to make my kids a few scavenger hunt games!

I’ve made three this time around. I’ll likely make some more for our next trip to change it up a bit

You’ll find the PDF print files to each linked here! – (If they’re not here yet, check back. My internet is having issues saving my update with the downloads)

  • Color Search
  • Pond Finds
  • Park Finds

Rob and Jack went ahead and searched for each item on the pond find search. They talked about each item and counted them as they went round. After the pond finds they did the color search. Finding an item matching each color.

Super easy and fun for everyone.

Jack could walk around the pond all day. Ill update and rotate as needed to keep him interested in his hunts.

I’m happy to help you make some scavenger hunts! Email me some suggestions or leave me some in the comments! I’ll share any I make with you!

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed all of our activities! Again please don’t hesitate to send me some requests/suggestions for future projects!

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  1. I really need to make these for every occasion! Especially when I need to go somewhere to shoot content, they can keep the kids busy so I can get work done!

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