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DIY Vinyl Tumbler

June 29, 2020

A quick diy project to make my husband a fun birthday gift!

You all know I am awful at keeping gifts till the actual day. So of course he’s already recieved everything I bought for his birthday. I just can’t keep secrets and I get to excited. Unfortunately that left me with nothing for the actual day… Thankfully crafting cane in handy here.

If you’ve been here for a while you also know, we’re big Starwars fans! Which means this gift is super fitting! (It’s also my trick to getting him to drink more water)

These are super fun and easy to make. I want to make 100 more in every type of theme.

Some friends are also sharing some personalized gift! I’ll link then at the bottom of this blog for you to check out!

What you’ll need:

How to:

  1. Create your design (for mine I purchased a star wars image pack from design space)
  2. Make she you size it accordingly! You can sure your mat to do a quick measurements or grab a measuring tape.
  3. Then this Joy on, and set your design to start
  4. Load your smart vinyl and begin cutting
  5. Unload
  6. Remove excess vinyl and weed out the details
  7. Apply transfer tape over your design and use your scraper to ensure you secure your full design.
  8. Now remove the backing from your vinyl
  9. Apply evenly on your tumbler
  10. Scrape your design completely and slowly remove your tape.
  11. If you see the vinyl lifting, reapply your tape and scrape again till it sticks.
  12. After you’ve successfully transferred your design and removed the tape it’s ready to go!

Thanks for reading! I hope you make/made some fun tumblers!

Head to these blogs to check out what they’re making for their personalized gifts, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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I hope you found some fun gift ideas from their blogs! Don’t forget to tag us if you try any of them!

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    1. I use stainless steel tumbler which are typically not dishwasher safe. However whenever using vinyl on a kitchen item I always recommend hand-washing. If you hand wash them, they won’t be any issues with the vinyl design.

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