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DIY Movie Night

July 10, 2020

Sharing some of our favorite snacks and desserts to have for it movie nights!

You can check out all the detail too our recent movie night in this post and then head to the blogs I’ve linked at the bottom to check out some more!

We always pick a new movie off Netflix or Amazon. Occasionally we’ll lay out Nugget Comfort couches out as an XL bed. We’ve recently started using our Cinemood projector as well.


Pepper Jack Spinach Dip

Caramel Corn

Caramelized Peaches (ice cream topping)

Bria has a fun diy popcorn bucket on her blog! It would be perfect to pair with my caramel corn!

There’s more recipes to come but these are what make an appearance at our must recent movie night!

We’re simple when it comes to our family nights but we take our snacks serious! Rob will never go back to store bought popcorn or dip. *Chuckles*

Thank you for reading all about movie night snacks and desserts!

If you try mine this be sure to tag #cooking_withrob in your post so I can see!

Head to these accounts to see how they’re doing their movie nights! A few like Brianna have something you can combine with mine! 

Bria – Blog & Instagram

Danielle – Blog & Instagram

Katelyn – Blog & Instagram

Vanita – Blog & Instagram

Laura – Blog & Instagram

Jessica – Blog & Instagram

Hope you enjoyed reading all of their blogs! Have a wonderful movie night!

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