Mini Stockings: how I turned them into gift tags

December 8, 2020

I placed a large order for these mini canvas stockings with so many ideas of what to do with them! Today I’m sharing one of those ideas with y’all!

What you’ll need:

  • Mini Stockings
  • Cutting Machine
  • EasyPress & Mat
  • Iron On Vinyl & Cutting Mat
  • Weeding Tools & Scissors
  • Yarn

How to:

  1. Open your design software and choose the design you want for your names
  2. Size the names to fit your stockings
  3. Place your HTV on your mat (shinny side down)
  4. Mirror your image, load your mat, and start your cutting machine
  5. Once finished remove and take off the cutting mat
  6. Weed out the excess vinyl, leaving the name on the transfer backing
  7. Turn your EasyPress on to it’s recommend setting (I’ll link the heat guide site before)
  8. Start by using the heated press on your blank stockings
  9. Now that you’ve preheated the stocking, place your HTV on your stocking how this would like it
  10. Press your project for it’s recommended time (butcher paper can be placed between the design and you’re press to avoid sticking)
  11. Depending on the HTV you used you may need to peel while hot or let cool completely. Be sure to check that before you start.
  12. Once you’ve peeled off the transfer sheet your design is complete.
  13. You’ll want to wrap yarn around the gift you want to attach the stocking to, after place the loop over the yarn and tie a double bow over it.
  14. Stuff your stocking as desired.

Really simple and gives your gifts a beautiful/personal touch! Stay tuned for some other ways to use canvas stockings!

Thank you so much for reading and hopefully crafting with me!

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