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Easter stay-at-home activities!

March 28, 2020

I’ve put together a few fun Easter project for you all! Super quick and easy. My kids love them and they make for great basket fillers!

My kids need all the entertainment and honestly.. buying them new toys, games, and books can get expensive. Save some money and create your own activities and put your love of crafting to some use!

I hope you enjoy! Be sure to share your attempts with me! I’d love to see them!

5 in 1 Easter Games!Color Matching, Counting, Sorting, Puzzles and Patterns!

I made a few different ones. I’ve photographed the Easter chick ones but I’ll link the bunny option right here as well!Super cute and fun games. One design file and you’ll have a few hours of entertainment with minimal materials!What you’ll needLetter size cardstock (regular printer paper will work! Just be sure to select the right material.)
Cricut Explore or Maker
Cricut fine point blade
Light Grip Mat
Cricut tools
Bag (any will work. This is for storage)

Let’s get started!

1. Open up the design –
Click here for the chicks
Click here for the bunnies
2. Once you’ve opened your design, the file is already ready to go. You can make be edits but I use it as is!
3. Start by printing the 4 sheets of you chosen design.
4. Put one sheet aside. You won’t want to cut that one. It’ll be your “puzzle” sheet
5. Select your materials.
6. Set one sheet on your mat and load it into your machine.
7. Begin your cutting and repeat for the other two sheets
8. Remove the sheet and your cutouts and get started playing!

Here’s how to play:

Color Matching – you have 3 sets of cutouts. Mix them up and have your child pick out each color. Simple and Easy.
Counting and Sorting – The options are endless. Count by size, color, facing direction, all together. Get creative!Puzzle – Use your remaining sheet and have your child match each chick to it’s correct spot!

Patterns – We did our by color but you can you them any way you wish! Patterns are fun and entertaining since you can create so many!

Bookmarks! I just made a few quick ones, some are cricut original design and others I created myself. These are by far the cutest! You can access this design space file here

Materials you’ll need –
Letter size cardstock (regular printer paper will work! Just be sure to select the right material.)
Cricut Explore or Maker
Cricut fine point blade
Light Grip Mat
Cricut tweezers

1. Open your desired design.
2. Unless adjusting the size your cut file is ready to make
3. Print your sheet(s)
4. Add each sheet to your mat, load it and begin to cut.
5. Unload and remove your sheet and cutouts.
6. You’re ready to get using you book marks.

Dinosaur coloring

Design Space File

If your kids love dinosaurs as much as mine do than these are perfect for you! Quick, Simple, Mess Free.You’ll need –
Cricut Pen
Cardstock 12″x12″
Light Grip Mat
Cricut Explore or Maker

So long as your using a 12×12 sheet the file is ready to make!Put the cardstock on your mat, load it, and start your machine drawing.
Once it’s done you’re ready to release your kiddos!

Easter Bunny and Egg Coloring Sheets

Design Space File

You’ll need design space and paper or cardstock for your printer. The file is ready to go once you open it so send them to your printer and viola! Super quick coloring sheets!

Well these are the few I’ve made so far! I’ll be sharing some more in the days to come! Subscribe and stay tuned for my next post! I can’t wait to share some now fun projects with you!

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you’re doing well!

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  1. I can’t wait to try these, I think I’m going to turn the book marks into a matching game!

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