DIY Kids Room Decor

May 6, 2020

I’m a minimalist. I love beautiful pieces but I like them to be simple and elegant. My kids room has been completely bare aside from the furniture. I’ve decided my new BIG project will be decorating it and making it a beautiful and fun space.

Some of my blogging friends and I decided to share our projects with you on how we decorated our children’s room(s). I’ll link all their pages at the bottom so you can head there after you finish here!

Having two kids share a room is hard because their personalities are very different and I’m trying to keep it gender neutral.

The first piece of my project is this cute little name plaque. I made this for Emma because it’s fitting for her personality. I’ll make Jack one similar but I’m struggling to decide a theme for him. TBD but I will definitely blog it for you!

How to made this plaque

I made this with my Cricut Maker! I’ll walk you through this project step by step but of course you can customize it along the way.

What you’ll need:

You can shop the above links for the Cricut website or the images below for Michaels.

How to:


  1. Turn on your machine and open your cut file – click here
  2. Click customize so you can change the name
  3. Place your basswood of your strong grip mat
  4. Tape all four sides to the mat
  5. Insert knife blade
  6. Move all your stat wheels on your machine to the right.
  7. Select Basswood for your material and load your machine
  8. Cutt.
  9. Unload and remove your design
  10. Repeat for your flowers/circle (depends which you cut first)


  1. Grab you vinyl and place it on the standard grip mat
  2. Insert your fine point blade
  3. Load and cut
  4. Unload, and remove you design.
  5. Slowly put the excess material off your pattern
  6. Use your transfer tape to place your design onto the basswood


  1. Smooth the vinyl and transfer tape down on the basswood with your scrapper
  2. Slowly remove the tape from your design
  3. Use your wood glue and put your shapes in their desired place.
  4. Let dry while keeping pressure on them
  5. Turn your design over
  6. Use your hot glue gun to attach the twine for hanging.

You’ve completed your plaque! Yay! Please share your pictures with me if you make this yourself or anything similar this inspires you to make!

Now that you’ve finished this post, head over to these pages to get some more inspiration!

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Thank you so much for reading! I’ve enjoyed sharing this diy with you! Don’t forget to subscribe for future updates!

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  1. Next time I have a little one I’m paying you to make me one of these! So cute and simple! I love it!

  2. Awww, I love it! I made my daughter like a HUGE board. Basically the size of her lol and put her name on it.

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